The Walks Program is subject to changes and additions as advised at monthly meetings, via e-Bulletins to Members, amendments to the walks program on the club webpage and in the update notices that may be issued from time to time.

In line with changes in government regulations, proof of COVID vaccination is no longer a mandatory condition of signing on for walks. Carpooling is at the discretion of individual drivers and may require declaration of vaccine status from passengers. It is a responsibility of all participants to abide by Covid safe behaviour at all times.

Walk Grades

  E      Easy. Up to 4 hours. 12km maximum. Minimal climbing. All on tracks or in open country.
  EM   Easy Medium. Up to 5 hours. 15km maximum. A little climbing. May include some minor obstacles.
  M     Medium. Up to 6 hours. 20km maximum. Moderate climbing. Mostly on-track. May include some light off-track.
  MH  Medium Hard. Up to 7 hours. 20km maximum. Significant climbing. Can include medium off-track forest or scrub.
  H     Hard. Up to 8 hours. No distance limit. Hard climbing. Can include significant off-track.
  VH   Very Hard. Up to 12 hours. No distance limit. Hard, consistent walking in difficult terrain.

Walk/Activity Types

Day walks (D) and other day activities are listed first in the program.
Pack Carries (PC; minimum grading Medium) and Base Camps (BC) then follow.

The following activities may also appear in the program:
Conservation (Con) Cycling (Cyc) Canoeing (Can) Social (Soc) Training (Trn)

Meeting Places

The meeting place for walks is as listed or advised. If the place is ‘Kew’ (or not otherwise listed or advised), then the following arrangements apply:

  • Sunday and Saturday walks depart from the carpark at the rear of Kew Library, Cotham Road Kew (Melway 45 D6). Meet at 7.45 am for an 8.00 am departure.
  • Weekday walks depart from Victoria Park, near Kew Cemetery, High Street Kew. Enter opposite Belford Road (Melway 45 G5).  Meet at 8.45 am for a 9.00 am departure.

The leader may arrange carpooling. Walkers may choose not to take part in carpooling - if so, please advise the leader prior to the walk.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held in the Phyllis Hore Room, next to Kew Library, off Cotham Rd, Kew, from 7.30 for 8.00 pm
(The council may impose sign-in conditions - please check before attending).

To Join a Walk

  • MEMBERS: To Sign-on for a walk by using a desk-top or lap-top computer, just click 'Sign-on' on the Walks Program in either The Vagabond or in the Full Program under the menu item “Walks’. If using a Phone or Tablet (e.g., iPad), the Sign-on link will take you to the Walk Sheet (so you can see who else is walking) but you won't be able to enter your name, unless you have the Google Docs App on your device. Instead, telephone or email the Leader – details and email link can be found on the Walks Program.
  • VISITORS: Please follow the procedures listed under the menu item “Visitors”, then under “Walk as a Visitor”.
  • If you later wish to cancel, please advise the Leader promptly.
  • Be familiar with our Club’s Incident Management System - refer to Members Handbook for full details.
  • Be adequately fit and suitably clothed and equipped for your walks. If you are not, the Walk Leader has the right to refuse participation in the activity.
  • Any medical condition that could affect you during the activity must be advised to the Leader (in confidence) before leaving Melbourne.
  • Keep to the spirit of our Club’s Code of Ethics (refer to Section 15 of the Members Handbook).
  • Visitors must sign an indemnity and pay the Walk Leader $5 per day of walking, to a limit of $15 for 3 or more days.

The Walker's Role in our Club's Incident Management System (IMS)

Each walker must be sure to put their own Emergency Contact (EC) phone number on the walk sheet or give it to the Walk Leader if booking by phone or email (and especially for walks requiring satellite communications).

Before leaving for a walk, each walker must ensure their EC is aware of:

  • the expected time of return and the time the walk will be considered overdue; and
  • the names and telephone numbers of our Club’s Incident Management Coordinators (IMCs), who are:

     Graeme Nyberg 0451 011 427
     Bernie Keating 0428 844 786 9882 4786
     Fran Callinan 0434 148 841

For walks requiring satellite communications, one of these IMCs will normally be prearranged as first contact, and the walker should so inform their EC. For any walk, if the first IMC is not available, the other IMCs, then the Walks Coordinators and then the President can be phoned in turn. The contact details of the latter are given on page 2 of The Vagabond.

If a walker is injured the Walk Leader or the IMC will attempt to contact the EC.

If overdue, the walker should contact their EC. If not possible, and their EC wishes to contact someone, it is important that they only contact one of the Club’s IMCs.
      Emergency Contacts SHOULD NOT CONTACT THE POLICE!
This will only lead to confusion, as the Police will have no idea where to look.

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