Join us on a walk

  • View our quarterly walks program, either the Listing given at Walks on the menu, or the detailed Visitors version available here (NOTE: The Listing and the Visitors version are not currently available given Covid-19 restrictions. We are hoping to have a program available by around 18 November 2020 for walks commencing 23 November 2020).
  • Note the walk grade given for each walk, and decide which grade suits your fitness level (walk grades are described below). For beginners this should be either Easy or Easy-Medium.
  • Select a suitable walk.
  • Book onto the walk by first contacting a Walks Coordinator (by email). Details for this are on our Contact Us page. Alternatively, talk to a Walks Coordinator at a Club meeting.
  • The Walks Coordinator will send you further information by return email.
  • This information will include the contact details of the Walk Leader, who you will need to contact in order to actually book onto the walk. This contact should be made at least two days before the walk.

Further details on what to wear and take on a walk are available here.

Note that visitors will be required to sign an indemnity and pay a Visitor Fee of $5 per walk. 

Walk Departures

Most Sunday, Saturday and Public Holiday walks depart from the carpark at the rear of Kew Library, Cotham Road Kew (Melway Map 45 D6).  Meet at 7.45 am for an 8 am departure.

Most Wednesday and other Mid-Week walks depart from Victoria Park, near Kew Cemetery, High Street Kew. Enter opposite Belford Road (Melway Map 45 G5).  Meet at 8.45am for a 9 am departure. 

However, as a consequence of Covid-19, participants may meet at the start location of the actual walk, or close by. The leader will provide this information when you book on the walk.

Walk Grades

 Walk grades are shown next to the name of each walk (Easy, Medium; Hard etc) in the Walks Program.  

     E    Easy.  Up to 4 hours.  12km maximum.  Minimal climbing.  All on track or in open country.

     EM Easy Medium.  Up to 5 hours.  15km maximum.  A little climbing.  May include some minor obstacles.

     M    Medium.  Up to 6 hours.  20km max.  Moderate climbing.  Mostly on track.  May incude some light off-track.

     MH Medium Hard.  Up to 7 hours.  20km max.  Significant climbing.  Can include medium off-track forest or scrub.

     H    Hard.  Up to 8 hours.  No distance limit.  Hard climbing.  Can include significant off-track walking.

     VH  Very Hard.  Up to 12 hours.  No distance limit.  Hard consistent walking in difficult terrain.

Base Camps are indicated by the notation (BC) and Pack Carry walks by (PC).  Minimum grading for a PC is M.


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